Financial Accounting

SC ROL CONT EXPERT SRL is a company authorized by Experts and Licensed Accountants of Romania.Lucram under the Rules of this forum, following the tax law and accounting in this country.
In the following I would like to present our offer in terms of financial accounting services.

Do the following services:
• analytical and synthetic accounting organization
• Accounting for all property transactions
• Drawing up the payment
• Preparation of all statements related assets from their purchase up to preparing the annual depreciation
• Preparation of monthly trial balances
• Preparing and submitting VAT tax, salaries tax, local taxes, tax on dividends
• Preparing and submitting to the fiscal statements on CAS, unemployment
• Complete VAT journals, inventory register and log register
• Assisting / client representation to scrutiny by tax authorities on the constitution, declare and pay tax liabilities, other than the Financial Guard, whose control is carried out unannounced and see the organization and management of primary records as not subject to this offer.
• Providing data analysis company activity
• filing documents
We do not provide services for preparation of primary records, drawing notes that the reception of consumer bills, stock records, cash book, bank payment orders, requiring daily preparation of their headquarters.
Also not covered by this agreement on labor operations (hiring, liquidations, labor, employee record repositories, etc.), besides drawing the pay that fall under this offer.
To prepare annual balance sheet of the semester and are charged an extra fee for each balance on hand.
If applying for preparation of documentation for obtaining a loan or bank documentation for participation in lictatie or any other services not listed above, the fee for their preparation will be negotiated at that time.
Sincerely, Alicia ec.Erincz auditor